Dynamometer Testing

The Dynamometer is a well understood and commonly employed diagnostic device. It allows for scientifically controlled power output and fuel consumption comparison between test regimes. For this reason, it is an effective device for comparing untreated fuel to fuel treated with an additive like FPC-1® Fuel Performance Catalyst.

In one such evaluation at the West Australia Institute of Technology, Fuel Technology Pty. Ltd., the Australian distributor for FPC-1® compared the power output and fuel consumption rate of standard untreated diesel with that of the same diesel treated with varying concentrations of the FPC-1® active ingredient. The results are shown on the attached graphs (Figures 1 and 2).

Dynamometer tests show performance characteristics under ideal conditions. These conditions approximate that of engines operating under constant load and at constant rpm where improvements created by FPC-1® are smallest. Engines in fleets that operate under variable loads and engine speed will experience greater improvements, often several times that of dynamometer studies.

Dynamometer Graphs