Industrial savings now for the masses

FPC is the only fuel treatment trusted by the world's largest fuel users. As you can see in our test library, the world has put FPC through every possible challenge. Unlike the competition, FPC has proven itself to be the world's best and most tested fuel additive. Now for the first time, we are making FPC available in quantities appropriate for the retail market. Visit our online store and make the decision to start treating your fuel with FPC today.

Want to learn more about how FPC works? Visit our science page and see the chemistry that drives the world's most trusted fuel additive.

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Savings Estimate

We save our customers millions of dollars per year, and at the same time we reduce their emissions and carbon footprint by thousands of tons each year. Take a look at our savings calculator to see how much you could be saving. The savings calculator uses averages from our extensive testing library.


Our test reports page has a total of 210 reports, which contain a total of 2,556 tests. As far as we know, no other fuel additive has been tested as much or as extensively as FPC. Take a look for yourself, we've made all of our testing available to you on the web, because with FPC there's nothing to hide.

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