Automatic Dosing Equipment

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Piston Pump Dosing Computer

Dosing Unit Side View

Our piston pump dosing computer can be reconfigured for any application. Its features include:

The FPC piston pump computer allows manual and automated control of up to two piston pumps. FPC can be dispensed in response to attached sensors (such as fuel flow meters or fuel tank float levels) or manually through the pushbuttons and LCD screen.

Our standard configuration piston pump has a displacement of approximately 80 microliters/stroke. Each piston pump can treat fuel flow rates up to approximately 11 gallons/second (42 liters/second) in un-pressurized systems. Each piston stroke treats approximately 0.2 gallons (27 fluid-ounces = 0.8 liters) of fuel.

Fleet Dosing / Small Systems Dosing

Dosing Unit Side View
Dosing Unit Installed

Our small systems dosing unit is typically used on over-the-road tractor trailers or other individual pieces of equipment to be treated. It can also be used for small storage tanks for rural farmers, concrete companies, or others who have on-site fuel storage tanks. The system reads a fuel tank float and determines if more fuel has been added to the tank. If it has, then it measures the new level of fuel in the tank and automatically dispenses the correct amount of FPC to treat the amount of fuel added to the tank. The system is currently compatible with cylindrical and rectangular tanks. Support for other tank shapes can be added if needed.

The system is designed to hold 1.25 gallons of FPC. When the amount of FPC gets low, a full gallon bottle can be added to the unit with no need to worry about measuring out FPC.

The system can be powered from the tractor trailer's alternator or from local AC power if used on stationary fuel storage tanks.

Large Systems Dosing

Dosing Unit

Our main customers are large fuel users that need to treat hundreds of millions of gallons of fuel. We have several dosing units to meet the needs of larger fuel users. The electronics are the same among all of our dosing systems, and the system can be scaled for any size user. We can even monitor the amount of FPC in your local dosing unit and automatically ship you more FPC based on your consumption.

Inline Treatment

Dosing Unit

If electricity is not conveniently located near your fuel storage tanks, then a mechanical pump-based dosing unit may be appropriate. These dosing units do not require electricity and automatically deliver the correct amount of FPC based on the fuel flow going into a fuel storage tank. The flow of fuel through the pipe rotates a turbine in the dosing unit. The turbine is attached to a cam and a diaphragm pump that dispenses the proper amount of FPC based on the amount of fuel flowing in the fuel line. Units are on hand to treat 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, and 10 inch fuel lines. If you have other needs, our engineers can work with you to develop a solution that meets your requirements.