Support Equipment

We have a full suite of support equipment to assist our customers with their testing, compliance, and dosing needs. If you have an application with special requirements our engineers will be happy to work with you to develop an integrated solution that meets your specific needs.

Test Equipment

Even though FPC has been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories and customers, many of our users opt to perform testing on their own equipment. However, scientific testing is a nontrivial exercise and requires specialized tools to accurately measure the benefits of fuel treatment with FPC. See our testing page for a brief overview.

Additionally, many customers like to do continual testing to confirm that they continue to get benefits from fuel treatment. To support customer testing for these and other needs, we have a number of data loggers to support in-service testing in each of the major industries we serve.

All of our test equipment is portable, ruggedized, and cost effective for on-site testing.

Click here to see our test equipment page.

Automatic Dosing Equipment

FPC International offers a variety of automated dosing systems to minimize the costs associated with fuel treatment. Our engineering team has developed a dosing system platform that provides features not found with other systems.

Click here to see our dosing equipment page.