Testing Equipment

FPC International designs and builds test equipment for measuring and recording brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC). Our BSFC computers are renown for their accuracy and ease of use.

An overview of BSFC testing is available on our testing page.

System Architecture

Our current generation of BSFC computers are built around dataTaker data loggers. Individual sensors are wired to a central logger and readings are recorded every few seconds. Thousands of data points are collected over a typical test so that statistically relevant results are obtained. The BSFC can also be calculated and displayed in real time.

BSFC Testing

Example Implementations

Generator BSFC Computer

Our electrical generator BSFC computer was used in our last test with FerroMex. The report is available here:

Engine BSFC Computer

Our mechanical BSFC computer was used in our last two mining tests. The reports are available here: