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Bottom Line

Overall Value

You will spend US$0.089 to treat a gallon of fuel with FPC, which will save you between US$0.092 and US$0.977 per gallon. Your use of FPC will pay for itself between 1.04 and 11.03 times over! This is based on the test results for the industry you selected above.

Value of Fuel Savings

Based on various testing procedures, you will save between $8,491 and $2,220,271 in fuel costs each month!


Fuel Cost Savings Estimate Based on Test Data Averages

You currently spend US$7,647,500 on fuel per month.

The table below shows the average fuel savings based on data in our test library. We use three test procedures to measure the fuel savings from using FPC: specific fuel consumption, carbon mass balance, and long term statistical measurements. The results of those tests for the industry you selected are in this table:

Test Procedure Specific Fuel Consumption Carbon Mass Balance
Average Improvement 3.006% 31.927%
Gross Fuel Savings per Treated Gallon US$0.092 US$0.977
FPC Cost per Treated Gallon
Using FPC-1 (8 fl. oz.)
US$0.089 US$0.089
Net Fuel Savings per Treated Gallon US$0.003 US$0.888
Effective New Fuel Cost US$3.056 / Gallon US$2.171 / Gallon
Fuel Cost Savings per Month US$8,491 US$2,220,271
Return on Investment 3.84% 1,003.04%

Carbon Footprint Savings Estimate Based on Test Data

Based on EPA estimates, your carbon footprint is currently 25,174.377 metric tons of CO2 per Month.

Test Procedure CO2 Tests
Average Improvement 34.137%
Metric Tons of CO2 Saved per Month 8,593.752

Other Emissions

Based on testing, you should also expect an average reduction in the following emissions:

Test Procedure Average Improvement
CO Tests 22.603%
HC Tests 28.659%
NOx Tests 1.777%
Smoke Spot Tests 28.937%