FPC is a catalytic fuel additive that makes fuel burn more efficiently, even in a brand new engine. Increasing performance in a brand new engine is something other fuel additives just can't do. The active catalytic ingredients in FPC make it 2% to 4% more effective than other fuel additives. Click here to see our fuel additive testing done on new engines.

The benefits from using FPC have been proven by more than 2,556 fuel additive tests dating back to World War II. Large fuel users all across the world use FPC because it has proven itself to be the world's best and most tested fuel additive.

We guarantee FPC will more than pay for itself and can prove it

We guarantee that the fuel economy improvement from using FPC will more than pay for the purchase price of FPC, even if you have a brand new engine. You can read our fuel catalyst warranty here.

In addition, we have the test equipment to demonstrate the effectiveness of our fuel additive on your equipment at your site. By measuring the fuel your equipment consumes and the power (either mechanical horsepower or electrical watts) it produces we can show you the savings on your own equipment. We have 2,556 tests from other customers using our fuel catalyst. If you're a major fuel user and willing to purchase FPC if we can show you a positive return on investment, then please contact us!

Our value proposition

We save our customers millions of dollars per year and reduce their carbon footprint and emissions by thousands of tons per year. Take a look at our savings calculator to see how much you could be saving. The savings calculator uses averages from our extensive testing library and has data for all of the industries we serve.

Results, not claims

Other fuel additive manufacturers make claims of benefits but give no supporting evidence. We give you real, documented results and make all of our testing available for review. The links below will take you to our test library where you'll find the test reports that support each of the benefits of using FPC.

FPC has been shown to:

Partner with us!

All of our customers were skeptics at some point. However, the scientific research supporting the benefits of FPC is overwhelming. We've made all of this research available on our web site. Unlike our competition, with FPC there's nothing to hide. We invite you to explore our web page, learn more about FPC, and partner with us to reduce your fuel costs, emissions, and engine maintenance costs. Visit our FAQ page and ask your questions. We are a family company supporting hundreds of satisfied customers around the globe.